KONFTEL 300Wx SIP Wireless DECT phone with SIP connectivity.Battery

Model: 90101066

KONFTEL 300Wx SIP Wireless DECT phone with SIP connectivity.Battery with 60 hours of call time. USB for collaboration. Meeting size :up to 20 people. OmniSound with HD audio.

300Wx SIP Wireless DECT phone

The Konftel 300Wx SIP Freedom is a wireless conference phone which allows the user to conduct a meeting with exceptional convenience. Delivering excellent audio quality with the help of HD, the phone can provide a more natural sound than a conventional call. It is perfectly equipped with a 360° omnidirectional microphone, 128x64px. LCD and keypad, which includes Alphanumerical 0-9, off-hook/F, on-hook, mute, hold, volume up, volume down, 5 buttons for menu navigation, line mode and conference guide. 



  • Wireless IP telephony
  • OmniSound
  • Microphone Omnidirectional, 360°
  • Frequency bands – DECT 200-3300Hz, CAT-iq 200-7000Hz, USB 200-7000Hz
  • 200 contacts
  • LCD, 128x64px.
  • Includes IP Dect 10 Base Station


IP DECT 10 Base Station Included

Teaming the Konftel 300Wx and the Konftel IP DECT 10 is one of the most popular solutions, delivering wireless conference calls in HD quality via your IP telephony system (SIP).  Each IP DECT base can handle up to 20 registered Konftel 300Wx devices and five ongoing calls. 



  • IP DECT base that supports HD calls and connects to a SIP-based exchange or phone service
  • Connects up to 20x Konftel 300Wx devices
  • Easy Pairing for fast connection
  • Can handle up to five simultaneous calls
  • Indoor wireless range up to 50 meters
  • AC adapter 5V/5W. Ethernet connection RJ45, 10/100 BASE-T