EDGECORE 32 Port 100G QSFP28 Broadcom Tomahawk 3.2Tbps

Model: AS7712-32X

EDGECORE 32 Port 100G QSFP28 Broadcom Tomahawk 3.2Tbps Intel Atom C2538 CPU Dual 110-230VAC 650W PSUs 6 Type C Fan Modules Rack mount kit (front and back) inc

The Edgecore AS7712-32X switch is a Top-of-Rack (TOR) or spine switch for high-performance data centres. In a compact 1RU form factor, the switch provides line-rate L2 and L3 switching across the 32x QSFP28 ports, supporting up to 32x 40/100GbE, 64x 50GbE or 128x 10/25GbE connections.

The AS7712-32X can be deployed as a TOR switch supporting 10/25/50GbE to servers with 40/50/100GbE uplinks or as a spine switch supporting 40/50/100GbE spine interconnects. This open network switch is loaded with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), which supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System software including the open source options Open Network Linux and SONiC, plus commercial NOS offerings.



  • Cost-effective, bare-metal switch infrastructure for data centre fabric
  • Deploy as Top-of-Rack switch supporting 10 or 25GbE to servers, with 40 or 50 or 100GbE uplinks.
  • Deploy as a spine switch supporting 40, 50, or 100GbE ToR and spine interconnects
  • 32x QSFP28 switch ports, each supporting 1x 100GbE or 1x 40 GbE, or via breakout cables, 2x 50GbE or 4x 25GbE or 4x 10GbE
  • Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding of 6.4 Tbps (full duplex)
  • Supports hot/cold aisle with port-to-power and power-to-port airflow SKUs
  • All ports on front; PSUs and fans accessible from the rear
  • Hot-swappable, load-sharing, redundant AC or -48V DC or 12V DC PSUs
  • 5+1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Bare-Metal hardware switch pre-loaded with diagnostics software and with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commercial NOS offerings
  • Compatible with Open Network Linux (ONL), an open-source, OCP reference NOS
  • Compatible with the future release of Big Monitoring Fabric 5.6.0 and later version from Big Switch Networks
  • Compatible with Cumulus® Linux® 3.1 and later versions
  • Compatible with SONiC open source network software
  • Compatible with PicOS™ 2.7.1 and later version from Pica8 Inc
  • Compatible with OcNOS™ 1.2 and later version from IP Infusion
  • Compatible with Ixia Vision Edge OS™ 4.7.3 and later
  • Compatible with SnapRoute FlexSwitch software
  • Compatible with Pluribus Netvisor® OS (ONVL) version 2.5 and later from Pluribus Networks