AXIUM R1D Controller. AX-R1D facilitates 2-way

Model: AXR1D

AXIUM R1D Controller. AX-R1D facilitates 2-way communication between the KPC and Mobile devices


Unlocking the full potential of the KPC and KPD keypads and enhancing both the Android and Apple experience.

The AXR1D facilitates 2-way communication between the KPC, KPD, Mobile Android and iOS devices and a wide range of 3rd party products bringing Metadata back from these devices to the end-user.

Axium Legacy ports to allow for easy integration with KPD keypads or IRFX3. It can also be used to power the KPC2.8-IP when a PoE source is not available. Cable runs of up to 100 meters are achievable for the KPD and IRFX3.

With 1x DALI controller (64 devices), 2-way routed RS232, Ethernet, routed IR, realtime clock with internet lookup, Analog level detects inputs, command match triggers and relay drivers, the power of 2-way communication is realised in this tiny package.

The addition of AXS4 sensors provides detection of Audio, Video or Current enabling enhanced flag control. Android/iOS 2-way Axium amplifier feedback, Android/iOS Full applet support, 2-way Scripting functionality for all devices.



  • 1x DALI Control port (maximum of 64 DALI devices)
  • 1x Ethernet RJ45 port: 10/100Mbs, DHCP or Fixed IP, PoE
  • Maximum of 16x IP connections
  • Configurable IP code specific detection triggers.
  • 1x Dedicated RS232 DB9 port, max throughput = 115k baud port(s) may be configured with code specific detection triggers
  • 2x IR emitter output / sensor inputs: 3.5mm jacks.
    These jacks work concurrently as an IR output and sensor input. The IR port(s) route IR signals from R1D controllers IR generator. The Sensor input(s) may be configured as level or frequency threshold triggers. More IR ports can be added via an EX4 but without routing.
  • Port activity LED indication on each IR port and the RS232 comms port.
  • Real-time internal clock, with setup & synchronisation via the internet including astronical clock and time based scheduled tasks
  • 2x Analogue level threshold triggers: 0V~10V
  • Inputs may also be configured as frequency threshold triggers.
  • 2x 12V DC Relay drivers: 300mA max active pull-down.
  • DIN mount compatible
  • IR Learning Receiver
  • Axium RJ45 port: For connection to an Axium AX-KPC2.8-IP, AX-KPD keypad, or IRFX3 receiver.
  • Power LED - with activity indication
  • Powered by options:
    • 12V DC 1A power supply
    • PoE switch or injectorUSB port for programming and Firmware Updates
  • The USB port for programming and Firmware Updates