REXTRON 1-2 Automatic DVI/USB KVM Switch. Share 1x USB

Model: DAG12-BK

REXTRON 1-2 Automatic DVI/USB KVM Switch. Share 1x USB Keyboard, Mouse & DVI-DVideo with 2x CPU''s. Colour Black. Cables NOT Included

The DAG-12 and DAG-14 are a combination of USB KVM (keyboard/Video/mouse) switches and USB peripheral sharing devices. With the DAG-12 or DAG-14, you can easily operate up to 2 or 4 PCs, G3/G4 Macs, or iMacs from 1x USB keyboard, 1x USB mouse and 1x monitor saving you space, time, equipment and money. Its peripheral sharing function enables you to share more USB peripherals among all computers.

Installation is as easy as connecting USB A-B cables to your computers and to the DAG switch. Front panel buttons allow for simple computer selection. The built-in USB hub ensures smooth switching from one computer to the other. The DAG switches provide the easiest way to manage multiple computers with USB interfaces and share USB peripherals among computers.



  • 2 or 4 computers share up to 3 or 4 different USB peripherals with DAG12 and DAG14 respectively
  • Front panel pushes buttons for easy computer selection
  • Supports keyboard and mouse plug n play
  • DVI interface
  • Active auto scan via front button
  • Supports the DVI-I monitor
  • USB self-powering operation
  • No software required