EVERKI Atlas Wheeled Laptop 13"~17.3" Backpack.

Model: EKP122

EVERKI Atlas Wheeled Laptop 13"~17.3" Backpack.

Wheeled Laptop Backpack
With a 13” to 17.3” Adaptable Compartment

Everki’s Wheeled Backpack for the mobile professional. Offering you the functionality and intuitive design you’ve come to expect. Now your mobile office will be completely organised, accessible, and easy to manoeuvre.

Mobile Backpack with Versatile Functionality
As a mobile professional, you require versatility. So we crafted the Atlas Wheeled Backpack with flexible functionality. You can quickly wheel its sleek profile through the airport, or if needed, comfortably carry the Atlas as a backpack with our well-padded and extra wide straps. Carrying a large laptop? Our innovative laptop pocket adjusts to snugly secure a 17.3” laptop or a slim 13” Ultrabook. If you’re not carrying a laptop this trip, take out the laptop pocket to make room in the main compartment for additional garments or gear. Taking only your tablet instead? Slip it into the super-soft felt lined tablet pocket. The Atlas – adapts to fit your diverse lifestyle.

RFID Protection
Most contemporary passports, credit cards and smart cards come equipped with an RFID microchip. Carrying them may make you vulnerable to illegal remote scans of the personal information stored on them. Identity theft is a serious concern. So we designed the Atlas to protect the sensitive data on your passport and credit cards with an RFID-protected pocket. Simply slip your passport, credit cards or other forms of identification into the secure pocket, and your personal and banking information is safe from illegal RFID scans.

Wheel Cover
When inclement weather or rough terrain require you to carry the Atlas as a backpack, don’t worry. Unzip the flap that conceals the backpack straps, tuck it under the bag and secure it to the hook & loop closure to cover the wheels. No dirt, dust or marks on your clothing.

High-Contrast Lining
All Everki interiors are stylish, high-contrast orange because we know how frustrating it is to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and how difficult it is to organise against a black background. Savvy and Stylish.

Large Zippers with Metal Pulls
Have you ever broken a zipper on your favourite bag? We have. That’s why we designed the Atlas using durable zippers and metal pulls. So your favourite bag can remain your favourite bag.

Lifetime Warranty Protection
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with any product in the Everki family, you never have to worry about discovering a flaw or defect after the end of the warranty period. Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product.