EDIMAX 10GbE SFP+ PCI Express Server Adapter. Converts PCIe slot

Model: EN-9320SFP

EDIMAX 10GbE SFP+ PCI Express Server Adapter. Converts PCIe slot into SFP+ fiber slot. Compatible with standard SFP+ modules. Low profile bracket included.


  • PCI Express rev. 2.0 Specification x4 interface 
  • Converts a PCIe slot into an SFP+ fibre slot
  • Compatible with standard SFP+ modules
  • 16K jumbo frames
  • IP, TCP, UDP checksum offloading
  • Reduced CPU utilisation and improved through
  • Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN ID tagging and IEEE 802.1q QoS
  • Low profile bracket included


The EN-9320SFP+ is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ PCI Express Server Adapter designed for the high-speed PCI Express bus architecture. This meets the high-performance requirements such as large file transfers and HD video editing, which utilizes high-performance shared storage system to have improved server efficiency and network performance.

Combining the EN-9320SFP+ with SFP+ modules (Edimax MG-10G Series), your system is offered greater flexibility in optional fibre distances, and superior performance in fast and reliable 10Gbps network access that eliminates existing bottlenecks in current 32 and 64-bit PCI bus architectures. The EN-9320SFP+ is an ideal addition to your server or workstation to complement the requirements of low latency, high bandwidth, and low CPU overhead.


10GbE Superior Network Speed

By sporting a 10 Gigabit SFP+ interface, the EN-9320SFP+ is capable of providing 10 times better performance than existing Gigabit transmissions.


Advanced Features & Security

The EN-9320SFP+ features 802.1Q Virtual LAN (VLAN) tagging for Ethernet frames providing network management with a flexible and more secure environment. Moreover, the card supports advanced features for best performance such as 16K Jumbo Frame and IEEE 802.3x Flow Control.


Enhanced CPU & Network Efficiency

The EN-9320SFP+ card supports TCP, UDP, and IP checksum offloading – Free up resources to be allocated to handle other tasks without compromising network speed (of up to 10Gbps).

Greater Flexibility. Greater Distance.

The EN-9320SFP+ connects your server or workstation directly to a fibre network to boost the extension range from 300m to up to 10km (depends on the SFP+ module).



Application Diagrams