DYNAMIX 2km OS2 6Core Fibre

Model: F-ADBOS206-2KM

DYNAMIX 2km OS2 6Core Fibre Armoured Direct burial. PE.

The multi loose tube cable construction consists of 2 to 96, 250μm optical fibres in 6 fibre gel filled loose tubes and fillers where appropriate, SZ stranded around a Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) central strength member. Helically applied water blocking aramid non-metallic strength members. Inner black PE jacket, Corrugated Steel Tape (CST) armouring and final black PE outdoor Jacket.


  • Stock Coded in 6 Core OS2
  • Available on request in OM4 and alternate core sizes
  • Colour coded fibres
  • CST armouring for rodent protection, direct bury and crush resistance
  • Compact 250 μm loose tube construction
  • Black PE Jacket


  • Suitable for internal/external duct, tunnels and direct burial applications
  • Ideal for use in alpine tunnels, security/safety systems and applications which require data transfer during the event of a fire