CTC UNION Standalone Chassis for

Model: FRM220-CH01-AC

CTC UNION Standalone Chassis for FRM220 Series

1 Slot Chassis with AC: 100V~240V AC/DC: 18V~72V DC or Dual Power (AC+DC), Fanless

All FRM220/FRM220A series rack mount cards are hot-swappable and can be installed in a 20x slots (2U), or 8x slots (1U) rack-mountable chassis with any combination of redundant hot-swappable AC, 24V DC or 48V DC power supplies, providing a scalable solution that is space-efficient and cost-effective. The rack mount cards can also be mounted in 4x slots, 2x slots, or 1 slot standalone housing with fixed AC/DC powered chassis.

The rack mount cards of FRM220/FRM220A series provide telecommunication solutions for most applications. CTC union offers a universal and cost-efficient transmission series for a variety of fibre optic technologies (Multimode, Single-mode, WDM, CWDM) starting from converters and switches, to modems and extending to intelligent voice/data multiplexer systems. The products are designed as rack mount cards in combination with various chassis types. The concept is to ensure an extremely variable mixture of products at low storage costs for spares.