CTC UNION Multi Channel POTS Over

Model: FRM220-FXS-4

CTC UNION Multi Channel POTS Over Fibre Converter. Extend telephone voice transmission up to 120km. Network management via terminal. Caller ID Pass-Through. FSX connects to telephones.

FRM220-FXO-4/FXS-4 are 4 channel POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) over fibre converter/extender. The four POTS connection uses standard RJ11C modular connectors for each copper pair connection. A pair of FRM220-FXO-4/FXS-4 is required to implement an end to end system. FXO type unit connects to a telephone line (PSTN) or PBX station line and has the ability to detect ringing voltages and to act as a telephone. FXS type unit is the reciprocal unit and has the ability to act as PSTN and connects to a telephone device. Two FXS cards may be connected back-to-back to provide a private "hotline". When the FRM220-FXO-4/FXS-4 cards are placed in the FRM220 rack with SNMP management, in-band management allows configuring and viewing the card and remote converter's status, type, version, fibre link status, on-hook status and alarms. When placed in a single slot chassis and used standalone without management, the card may be configured by DIP switch



  • Extend telephone voice transmission up to 120km over fibre
  • Network management via terminal, web or SNMP in FRM220 chassis
  • Supports telephone voice transmission
  • Supports FXS to FXS hotline
  • Supports caller ID Pass-Through