HONEYWELL 4MP IP Thermal & Optical Temperature Detection IR Bullet

Model: HVCT-B4020I-15

HONEYWELL 4MP IP Thermal & Optical Temperature Detection IR Bullet Network Camera with 15mm Lens. Temperature range 30C ~ 45C. 25fps@2688x1520. Max IR up to 50m. True WDR, 120dB. IP66. AC/ DC/ PoE

he Honeywell HVCT-B4020I bullet Thermal & Optical IR Network Cameras combine the world-class imaging technology and cameras technology with innovative IP networking technology. They help to quickly identify people who have a high body temperature using a non-contact method.

The Honeywell HVCT cameras feature two camera modules. One is a visible light module, which provides 4MP high-resolution video. The second is a thermographic module, which measures the temperature of the human body with high precision in real-time, therefore helping users to quickly identify people having abnormal body temperature using a non-contact method.

The HVCT Cameras built-in visible light module, supports 4MP video, H.265 / H.264 high-efficiency compression, PoE power over Ethernet and ONVIF protocol. It provides can provide a high-quality image even in a limited bandwidth environment. They come with a fixed focus lens and infrared LEDs for a distance up to 50 meters. With day and night mode switching, it can provide clear black and white images in low light or all-black environment.

Honeywell HVCT Cameras support video fusion view, which can help thermal video to show richer image details. The Temperature measurement rules and its actual values of the thermal video can also be superimposed on the visible light video. It’s convenience for users to monitor all the information in one place.




  • Uncooled 384x288 image sensor with a 15mm lens for thermal image
  • Temperature Range 30°C ~45°C
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C, ±0.3°C (with a black body)
  • Support video fusion view and pseudocolour overlay
  • Secondary 4MP visible camera with 6mm lens
  • True WDR, 120dB
  • Up to 50m IR Distance
  • 25fps @ 2688 x 1520
  • Support abnormal temperature alarm
  • Support user-defined point, line and frame temperature measurement rules
  • IP66 Protection
  • PoE/ 9~15V DC / 18~30V AC