EDIMAX 1080p WiFi Fisheye Cloud

Model: IC-5150W

EDIMAX 1080p WiFi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180 Panoramic View. Free cloud storage recording. ePTZ digital pan, tilt & zoom. Multi-Area motion & sound detection.

The Edimax IC-5150W Fisheye network camera gives you wider, 180° panoramic views for more efficient security and monitoring in your home, shop or factory without the blind spots associated with traditional standard lens network cameras. With Edimax Plug-n-View technology, there’s no complicated setup so you can connect the camera to the cloud without any hassle and monitor remotely from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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  • 180° Panoramic View 
  • Full HD 1080p Video
  • Native Dewarping 
  • Free Cloud Storage Recording 
  • ePTZ Digital Pan, Tilt & Zoom 
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 
  • Multi-Area Motion & Sound Detection 
  • Push Notifications with Video Alerts 
  • Plug-n-View for 24/7 Remote Monitoring 
  • microSD/SDHC Card Slot
  • Wireless & Ethernet Connection
  • Easy Setup

With a built-in microphone, sound and motion detection system and microSD/SDHC card slot, the camera is well equipped to protect your property as well as fully customizable. Motion detection can be configured according to user-defined areas, and together with sound detection and sound-triggered recording offers a powerful security system that’s always on alert to capture anything suspicious. And for installation and monitoring, the intuitive Wi-Fi user interface makes everything a breeze. See the big picture in 1080p Full HD and never miss a thing.


180° Panoramic View Covers More with Less
Designed with a 180° wide-angle panoramic lens for better, wider views and without the limitations of blind spots and awkward angles that are found with traditional WiFi cameras. Native, built-in de-warping flattens images and videos into a single usable view in different directions that would otherwise need multiple cameras, cutting bandwidth and storage costs. Get more value with your security budget with a fisheye camera that has the capability to provide the same coverage as 2 - 4  standard cameras.

Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View
1080p Full HD Images and Videos
High-quality clear and crisp imaging up to 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080) with a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and recording at 2~30 frames per second. A wide F2.0 lens covers a horizontal viewing angle of 180° 

Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View
Native Dewarping with “Normal" View
Built-in de-warping and image distortion reduction to convert images or videos to a "normal" view, for better usability and easy monitoring and playback.
Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View, dewarping
Free Cloud Storage Recording
Integrate and save recordings and events directly to the cloud instead of local physical devices for remote backup.

ePTZ Control for Rich Detail
Digital pan, tilt & zoom on areas of interest for better focus and rich detail while still recording the bigger picture.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 
Equipped with a high-performance image sensor and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature to enable high-quality imaging and recoding in more detail under low and poor light or high contrast conditions.

Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View, WDR, Wide Dynamic Range
Motion Detection Triggered Recording
The powerful built-in motion detection system with pre-defined detection regions offers peace of mind that you will capture any suspicious activity. When motion is detected, the network camera will produce video footage of the event immediately – storing the data on a microSD/SDHC card or sending it automatically via email or FTP.
Sound Detection Triggered Recording
Featuring sound detection capabilities and built-in microphone. When sound is detected, the network camera will take video footage of the event immediately in the same manner as with motion detection, and store the files locally on a microSD/SDHC card or send via email or FTP. Integrated sound offers a further level of security than motion-detection and visual imaging alone, providing critical real-time or post-event information about a situation, particularly in scenarios where events occur outside the camera’s field of vision. The sounds of breaking windows, doors or anything else suspicious can still be registered even in situations where the event can’t be seen.

Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View, sound detection
Push Notifications & Video Alerts
Push notifications are triggered by motion or sound detection, and when a detection system is triggered, the camera additionally sends video alerts to email or microSD card. If the camera ever goes offline, push notifications are also sent when the camera comes back online to keep users informed about any unusual activity.

Edimax IC-5150W Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Fisheye Cloud Camera with 180-Degree Panoramic View, push notification with video alerts
Plug-n-View for 24/7 Easy Remote Monitoring
Edimax Plug-n-View technology makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your home, garage, shop, factory or other assets wherever you go. With Plug-n-View technology, you can connect your network camera to the cloud in a few simple steps and access it remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are.
microSD/SDHC Card Slot for Local Storage 
A built-in microSD/SDHC card slot supports cards up to 32GB for local storage and backup.