EDIMAX Smart Full HD WiFi Garage door Fisheye network Camera/

Model: IC-5160GC

EDIMAX Smart Full HD WiFi Garage door Fisheye network Camera/ Controller. Garage monitoring and control. 180 Panoramic

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The Edimax IC-5160GC is a cloud camera designed for garages that can connect to a garage door motor to open and close the door. There’s a built-in smart geofencing feature that works with Google Maps and reminds you of monitoring your garage door open or close. Modern day home security that’s always connected, alert & available on your smartphone. 



  • Real-time monitoring and control of garage door
  • 180° panoramic view without limitations and blind spots
  • Native de-warping for easy monitoring and playback
  • Smart reminders with geofencing
  • Multi-area motion & sound detection
  • Plug-n-View for 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Push notifications with video alerts
  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD video quality
  • Flexible storage options: supports 64GB microSD/NAS/Cloud
  • ePTZ: digital pan, tilt & zoom


Secure Your Garage and Property

IC-5160GC is a cloud camera designed for garage security that can control the garage door remotely and know what’s happening in the garage when you are on the go. With IC-5160GC, you can see what kids, pets, the elders are doing from your smartphone, and avoid anything unexpected. 


A Smartphone Becomes a Door Controller

Most peoples use the garage as main entrance on a daily basis. To prevent burglars from breaking into the house, it is so important to make sure the garage door open or close when you are away. IC-5160GC save you time from driving back when you not sure if the garage door closed after leaving home. Just remotely control the garage door with your smartphone from anywhere and offer you full peace-of-mind.

Compatible With Up To 2 Garage Doors 
No need to buy another garage opener even if you own 2 garages. IC-5160GC is compatible with up to 2 garages that helps you control the garage doors at the same time in one app on your smartphone.
The built-in geo-fencing feature that works with Google Maps will know how far away you are from home and send location notification to the smartphone. This will act as a friendly reminder for you to check if the garage door is secure.
180° Panoramic View
IC-5160GC provides a 180-degree panoramic view for an excellent field-of-vision across an entire garage, without limitations and blind spots. It can also focus on specific areas in detail with high-quality video streaming. 

Smart EdiLife
IC-5160GC cloud garage camera works with the free EdiLife app. This enables you to create virtual keys in order to be the main controller. You can use your smartphone to open the garage. In addition, the EdiLife app offers added value by sending push notifications, viewing real-time video and more. Now available for Android and iOS.