EDIMAX Day/Night Mini Outdoor

Model: IC-9110W

EDIMAX Day/Night Mini Outdoor Wireless IP Camera. IP66 weather proof. Includes indoor wireless receiver base station. Multi-area motion detection. 2 Year Warranty.

HD WiFi Mini Outdoor Network Camera with 139° Wide Angle View, Day & Night


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  • Innovative Outdoor Network Camera with indoor WiFi Unit, providing more freedom to place the camera anywhere
  • Plug-n-View for 24/7 Remote Monitoring with free EdiView II app on iPhone®, iPad® or Android®  and 16 channel viewer software for computers
  • 720p HD Video Quality with high resolution and rich detail
  • Night Vision with infrared LEDs, ICR (IR Cut Filter Removal) and auto light sensor
  • Motion Detection triggers recording and sends to email and FTP
  • Push Notifications & Video Alert with event videos 
  • Indoor WiFi Unit with micro SD/SDHC Card Slot for local storage and better security
  • Industrial Durability Outdoor Camera with an IP66 waterproof rating and anti-cut bracket system
  • Wireless & Ethernet Connection for flexible placement, and compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n products
  • Easy Setup with EdiView II mobile app and additional WPS support


The Edimax IC-9110W is an innovative outdoor network camera with a unique two-piece design featuring an outdoor network camera and an indoor WiFi unit, providing freedom to place the camera anywhere you need. It’s a versatile monitoring device ideal for monitoring your home, shop or factory during the daytime or at night. With Edimax Plug-n-View technology, no complicated setup is required and you can easily connect the camera to the cloud and monitor remotely from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

The IC-9110W additionally features a motion detection system and a built-in a microSD/SDHC card slot. Motion detection can be configured according to user-defined areas. Motion-triggered recording ensures that you capture any illicit or suspicious activity and the wireless user interface allows for easy installation and monitoring.

Innovative Outdoor Network Camera with Indoor WiFi Unit
The smart and secure design includes an indoor WiFi unit to connect to your router and an outdoor camera which connects to the indoor WiFi unit with just a single cable. This allows for greater freedom when placing your camera outside. It’s IP66 rated for water & dust resistance with an anti-cut bracket. The indoor main unit also features a microSD card slot for storage. 


Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, Innovative Outdoor Network Camera with Indoor Wi-Fi Unit

Plug-n-View for 24/7 Easy Remote Monitoring
Edimax Plug-n-View technology makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your yard, garage, shop, factory or other assets wherever you go. With Plug-n-View technology, you can connect your network camera to the cloud in a few simple steps and access it remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are.


Night Vision
With a light sensor, image sensor and 20x infrared LEDs, the IC-9110W is well equipped to meet outdoor security and surveillance needs - even in low-light and night-time conditions. And with automatic ICR (IR Cut Filter Removal), infrared light is filtered out during the daytime (while allowed to pass at night) ensuring exceptional video colour quality at all times


Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, EdiView II, easy remote monitoring

Motion Detection Triggered Recording
The powerful built-in motion detection system with pre-defined detection regions offers peace of mind that you will capture any illicit activity. The network camera will produce video footage of the event immediately – storing the data on a microSD/SDHC card or sending it automatically via email or FTP.


Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, motion detection

Push Notifications with Video Alerts
Supports push notifications with video alerts of events.  When motion detection is triggered, the IC-9110W starts to record video clips to a microSD card and sends push notifications to your mobile devices or sends an email with event videos.


High-Quality Videos
The IC-9110W is built with a wide F2.0 lens which covers an impressive diagonal viewing angle of 139°. With a megapixel CMOS sensor, the network camera is able to capture 720p (1280x720) videos at 30 frames per second.

Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, EdiView II, easy remote monitoring

IP66 Outdoor Waterproof 
The IC-9110W outdoor case has a solid metal IP66-rated waterproof housing that protects the camera from dirt and rain. A wire in bracket protects cables from damage or tampering and provides a clean installation. 

microSD/SDHC Card Slot for Local Storage* 
A built-in MicroSD/SDHC card slot supports cards up to 32GB for local storage and backup.
*Minimum 8GB capacity microSD recommended. Less than 2GB capacity is not supported. 



  • Easy remote monitoring via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC & Mac
  • High-speed H.264 & MJPEG video compression
  • Push notifications with video alerts when motion is detected, for better awareness than snapshots alone
  • Motion detected videos to SD card, FTP or email
  • Pre- & post-recording upon detected motion
  • Viewer software to access 16x network cameras simultaneously
  • Manual/scheduled/cycle recording

Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, EdiView II, anytime anywhere easy remote monitoring


Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera, Day & Night, EdiView II, easy remote monitoring, application diagram