PROMATE Universal on ear Wired


PROMATE Universal on ear Wired Headset with Soft Cushioned Adjustable Headband. Kid Safe Colour Red

The trendy Impulse is the perfect combination of style, sound, and safety for children. The headphones come with soft padded ear cushions for premium comfort. An always on 85 dB volume limiter prevents damage to those young ears. Suitable for both boys and girls the Impulse comes in a choice of two vibrant two-tone options. Included is an extended 1.5M tangle-resistant cable. The headphones fit a child's head (ages 4+) well and are comfortable and expandable to fit an average 10-year-old


  • Superb stereo sound: Powerful neodymium magnets for extremely low distortion; highly efficient and powerful sound reproduction
  • Rugged and robust: Reinforced headband with metal joints, tested for extremely high durability
  • Lightweight and comfortable: The casing and cushioned ear pads are so light and soft, you'll forget you're even wearing a headset