Model: LKV379DVB-TLP

LENKENG HDMI to RF Digital Modulator with Loop Out Port. Supports Full HD 1080p@60Hz, Point & Multi Point to Multi Point.

This is an HDMI to DVB-T Converter, perfect solution to distribute HDMI signal to DVB-T1 standard digital cable television via coaxial cables. Output can be set to any channel number and injects directly to your CATV splitter to distribute to all your TVs, co-existing with all your current regular channels. This HDMI to DVB-T Converter can be installed to distribute as many channels as you need. 

Additional Instructions For Modulators.pdf



  • Support DVB-T1 digital high definition RF signal output
  • Includes HDMI Loop Out Port 
  • HDMI input signal resolution up to full HD 1080p@60Hz
  • Distribute one source to multiple displays with one modulator via CATV splitter
  • Support multiple modulators be installed to distribute as many channels you need
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB port
  • “Service Name”, ”Channel” and “Country” can be revised by buttons
  • Strong anti-noise and anti-interference ability