LENKENG HDMI Wireless Matrix

Model: LKV388M

LENKENG HDMI Wireless Matrix Extender. 2x2 HDMI Matrix HDMI switch. 1080p Full HD. Support IR passback. 50m Transmission distance.

This HDMI wireless extender includes transmitter and receiver units, which allows you to transmit and extend HDMI signal for up to 50m wirelessly. It has a strong anti-interference ability running at 5GHz. This wireless extender not only supports point to point configuration but also supports one to many (1 to 2) and many to many (2 to 2, 2 to 1) configuration. This extender supports a wide range of IR passback frequency 20-60KHz. This is a very good solution for transmitting one or more HDMI source signals to one or more screens over a long distance without running wires.

1) Transmission distance will be different due to the environment.
2)  Wall, brick or glass will shorten the signal cover range or cause big signal loss.
3) It is recommended that the distance between each unit should be more than 5m.



  • Smart portable design
  • Highest resolution up to 1080p full HD.
  • Strong anti-interference ability running at a 5GHz operational frequency.
  • Support point to point configuration, one to many (1 to 2) and many to many
    (2 to 2, 2 to 1) configuration.
  • Support IR passback with 20-60KHz frequency.
  • Supports button control to set channels and IR controller to switch and choose input sources from the receiver side.
  • 50m Long-range transmission distance.