EATON Hotswap MBS - 1x 16A IEC,

Model: MBP3KI

EATON Hotswap MBS - 1x 16A IEC, 6x 10A IEC

  • High availability for all UPSs up to 11 kVA.
  • HotSwap MBP provides a maintenance bypass for all UPSs. UPSs can be hot swapped or upgraded without interrupting the power supply.
  • HotSwap MBP are available with multiple power ratings: 3000 VA, 6000 VA, 11000 VA, 11000 VA (3 ph Input).
  • HotSwap MBP provides compatibility with any UPS now and in the future from Eaton or any other supplier
  • The HotSwap MBP 3000 VA is available with different output connectors: French, Schuko, British, IEC or terminal blocks (Hard-Wired version).
  • When used with a 9PX or 9SX the HotSwap MBP 6000 VA and above are providing information on the Bypass status through the UPS LCD screen.
  • HotSwap MBP units can be installed as required; at the back, side, top of the UPSs, or rack-mounted.