DYNAMIX Mini Visual Fault Locater

Model: OPTVFL-3

DYNAMIX Mini Visual Fault Locater 650mm Visible Red Laser Source. 2.5mm Universal Connector Interface High Power (1mW). Includes 1.25mm LC connecter Adapter.

OPTRONICS Mini Visual Fault Locater

The OPTVFL-3 is a powerful pocket-sized visual fault locator, designed to troubleshoot faults on fibre optic cables. Small enough to easily fit inside an installers pocket or tool belt, it is the ideal tool to carry on site and has on hand for any emergency.
The OPTVFL-3 is a necessary addition to an engineer's tool set because it can identify breaks, bends and connector losses inside the OTDR’s dead-zone.

Portable and light, it lends itself to other applications, including end-to-end continuity checks, identifying connectors in patch panels and identifying fibres during splicing operations. The universal 2.5mm connector interface provides fast operation with many connector styles, without the need to change adapters.


  • 650nm visible red laser source
  • Truly pocket size, complete with protective soft case
  • High power (1mW)
  • 2.5mm universal connector interface for quick connection (for SC/ST/FC)
  • Compact size
  • 1.25mm universal adapter available (for LC/MU)