PROMATE Dual-Mode Battery Charger with LCD Display. Universal


PROMATE Dual-Mode Battery Charger with LCD Display. Universal Compatibility. Smart Voltage Regulation. Dual Battery Charging Bay. Auto Cut-off. Input: DC 5V/2A.

Promate PowerBay

PowerBay-2 is a compact yet extremely powerful battery charger that can charge nearly all Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. It is adapted to power up AA, AAA, AAAA and C rechargeable batteries. Ideal for users who want a single portable solution for charging any rechargeable battery. Live without boundaries with PowerBay-2.


  • Each battery is individually monitored during charging, and individually charged to its maximum capacity
  • Universal battery charger compatible with all kinds of battery: lithium 26650 18650 18350 16340 14500 10440, Ni-MH Ni-CD C AA AAA rechargeable batteries
  • Clearly displays charging parameters (current, voltage, time, battery type) and progress
  • Automatically determines the optimal charging current for the inserted batteries and charges them
    with up to 1000mA or 500mA
  • The charger disconnects from the mains completely when the batteries are fully charged,
    and no longer consumes power even when it remains in the socket

Promate PowerBay