PowerShield Centurion RT 2000VA

Model: PSCERT2000SB

PowerShield Centurion RT 2000VA Short Base Model.

Exceptional surge protection

  • Offering the best surge protection in its class to protect against damaging surges

Output power factor 0.9

  • The Centurion RT is high-density UPS with output power factor 0.9 to provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications.

Informative & easy-shift LCD display

  • The front panel LCD display panel is readily viewable whether the UPS is horizontal or vertical. It displays all critical and noncritical parameters, including the estimated battery backup time remaining.

Rack/Tower design

  • The Centurion RT can be easily installed as a floor-standing tower or in a 19" rack

Programmable outlets

  • This UPS comes with programmable power management outlets allowing the user to control the load segments, thereby extending battery backup times to mission-critical devices by shutting down non-critical items

Emergency Power Off Function (EPO)

  • This feature can turn off and isolate the UPS in the event of fires or other emergencies.

ECO & advanced ECO mode

  • It has an advanced ECO mode, which allows the UPS to operate at a very high efficiency, up to 98%. When the utility mains input voltage is within the ECO range the UPS saves energy by passing the mains supply directly through to the load, while the inverter continues to operate in a passive mode

Standard extra large charger

  • The Centurion RT has been designed with a larger charger than other UPSs ensuring rapid recharge times when adding additional battery banks

Hot-swappable batteries

  • Incorporates hot-swappable internal battery packs which can be accessed via the front panel for maintenance changes, keeping the UPS operational during battery replacement. Additional battery banks can be added to increase battery backup time.