POWERSHIELD Internal SNMP Coms Card (DY806) Compatible with all


POWERSHIELD Internal SNMP Coms Card (DY806) Compatible with all Centurion and Commander UPS. Version 4.

PSSNMP - SNMP/Relay (AS400) Communications

When UPS communications beyond the included RS232/USB are required, network or relay communications are available as optional PSSNMP add-on cards. The SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol card allows the UPS to be directly connected to the network without the need of a local computer or server. With the included software, UPS information and alarms can be received by any computer that can be reached via an IP connection. This will provide a complete dialogue of UPS status and health. When a power event occurs, informational alarms can be broadcast to nominated computers. As this dialogue is comprised of a compliant SNMP transport, any SNMP trap collection software can log the UPS events. Extending the SNMP card to detect remote temperature and humidity via external sensors are available for some SNMP card models.