RACKSTUDS Series II Combo-pack with 40 sets of each Size/Colour. Smart

Model: RSL40C-S2

RACKSTUDS Series II Combo-pack with 40 sets of each Size/Colour. Smart Rack Mounting System. Universal Replacements for cage nuts Used to Mount IT, Pro A/V, Security and Telecommunications equipment in 19


  • Longer Studs: Makes hanging easier when the gear has thicker ‘ears’.
  • New Nut: Added PZ2 screwdriver slot and finger flutes while maintaining M10 outside profile.
  • Redesigned: Now even easier to insert.
  • Stronger: >30% improvement in leverage tests.
  • More Tolerant: Now fits even thicker rails. *
  • Backwards Compatible: Works with the current nut and washer.

* Purple Version. Tested to work in Chatsworth and Hergo racks.



More about Rackstuds™:

  • Rackstuds™ insert from the front and install in seconds.

  • They are a breeze to remove and reuse.

  • In under 55 seconds, you can complete a typical network switch installation.

  • Over the course of a rack build, you can save hours.

  • Rackstuds™ unique tool-free installation shaves even more time off your installation. Tighten by hand and you're done.

  • Rackstuds™ are made from a metal replacement thermoplastic called Grivory.

  • They are rated to hold equipment up to 20kg (44lbs).

  • We exceeded our expectations with independent testing by SGC Labs 

  • The yield test results are Push-in: 46 kgs/101 lbs | Pull out: 92 kgs/202 lbs | Shear: 156 kgs/343 lbs.

  • Rackstuds™ are made from a non-conductive reinforced thermoplastic.

  • They won’t pose an electrical threat to you or your equipment.

  • Rackstuds are colour-coded, so if you drop one they are easy to find. 

  • Best of all, being plastic, they won’t scratch your equipment!

  • Rackstuds™ is available in two sizes. 

  • Our best-selling 'Red' Rackstuds fit square punched vertical rails and cover 80% of the racks on the market today. 

  • The unique 'Purple' Rackstuds fit thicker vertical rails found in open frames. 

  • We even supply 4 pack starter kits to test fit your next rollout