PROMATE Bluetooth Wireless Sound


PROMATE Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar with Multi-Light LED Light show , Handsfree, NFC function and Micro-SD input. Colour Black.

Experience a visual treat while you play your favourite tracks with Sense and find yourself into a complete mesmerising fascination. Add a new spectrum to your music with a full –color intelligent array of LED themes and take your music listening experience to a next level. Now make your music, dance to your tune with a display of a variety of spectral light effects that you are free to choose from. Encompassed in an optimised acoustic enclosure, Sense delivers surprisingly loud and impactful audio with its efficient full range drivers. Make it simpler with alternate connectivity options of Micro-SD, Aux-in and uninterrupted NFC connectivity. With Sense, experience a portable party rolled up into one small package and a fusion of light and sound.


  • High Capacity Battery
  • LED Indicators
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Loud & Impactful Output
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Noise Suppression
  • Crystal Clear High-Quality Sound
  • 10m Transmit Range
  • Intelligent Voice Prompt
  • Built-In Mic
  • Up to 2 Hours Playback