PROMATE LED Super Bright Outdoor Solar Light with Dual-Lighting


PROMATE LED Super Bright Outdoor Solar Light with Dual-Lighting Modes. 240lm with 1200mAh Battery Capacity, Water Resitant IP65, Wireless and Easy to Install. PIR Motion Sensor.

Light up your garden or lawn edge with ease by using this solar-powered portable wall light. It can be placed on virtually any surface and conveniently delivers a handy light in the dark. With its IP65 rating, it offers superior water resistance. It will charge during daytime and will activate automatically when it detects motion at night.

Solar-Powered Rechargeable Battery

Don't worry about clumsy, ugly, awkward and intrusive wiring around your property as this light is powered by natures greatest energy source - our sun. Light and heat travel 93 million miles to be absorbed and converted into stored energy by the advanced solar panel technology onboard.


Energy-Saving Solar Lights Outdoor

Promate motion sensor solar lights outdoor, no wiring necessary and no need extra electrical power, just put it under the sunlight to absorb solar energy, harnesses the energy of the sun to light your night.

Charge All Day, Shine All Night

The beauty of having solar powered recharging is that it's not only very, very energy efficient and good for the environment, it also means you have a full battery charge to use every night, and this charge can provide all the power needed.

Brighter and Works Longer

This outdoor solar light is much brighter than other 30 LED solar lights and ensures a longer working time, get 2 hours longer working time compared with other lights in the market.

Completely Wireless with No Trailing Cables

The Promate Solar LED Light is totally reliant on its own internal battery, so there's no need to find a spare mains socket or run an annoying extension cable to your preferred location.


  • Water Resistant 
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Energy Saving
  • Solar Pannel
  • LED Lights