LUMI AUDIO Impedance Matching 4-Zone Single Source Speaker

Model: SPSL-001

LUMI AUDIO Impedance Matching 4-Zone Single Source Speaker Selector. Connect up to 4 Pairs of Speakers. Perfect for Home or Office Audio Applications. Up to 100 Watts/Channel. Low Profile.


The SPSL-001 Low Profile 4-Zone Speaker Selector allows you to connect up to 4 pairs of speakers to an amplifier or receiver providing an amplified signal with independent control to multiple listening zones, perfect for home or office audio applications. Thin design fits almost anywhere. Impedance and overload protection for long life and stable operation. The rear-mounted speaker terminals accommodate up to 14 gauge wire and offer a quick and easy connection. Rated at up to 100 Watts/channel with impedance protection on. Dimensions: 270×160×70mm (including rear speaker terminals and front panel pushbuttons).



  • Impedance Protection: prevents the amplifier from damaging low impedance loads
  • Low-Profile with Push-Buttons: smooth switching and small enough to fit anywhere
  • Spring-Loaded Terminals: for quick and effortless connections