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PLATINUM TOOLS Fault Trapper. Arc fault circuit tester & fault

Model: TFT100

PLATINUM TOOLS Fault Trapper. Arc fault circuit tester & fault locator. In-line monitoring of energized dedicated circuits up to

Stop guessing about live circuit issues! For the first time, you can detect the type of fault and locate the position of an electrical fault that causes intermittent or persistent circuit breaker trips, thus giving you the critical information needed to reduce callbacks for circuit breaker trips.

The Fault Trapper is a new class of tester using Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) to monitor energised circuits. Running on in-line power for extended battery life, it captures time and distance to Intermittent Opens, Shorts and Arc Faults saving the event information in memory for later investigation. The in-line 40A Module isolates the circuit being monitored by the breaker panel and all other breakers. The last faults can be viewed off-line using the backup battery.

Fault Trapper allows unattended monitoring of energised dedicated circuits to locate a fault on the line. Connect the Fault Trapper to your circuit, press the Test button to begin monitoring and walk away. Come back later or the next day to find out the why-when-and-where’s faults are occurring on the circuit and causing the circuit breaker to trip.

  • In-line monitoring of energised dedicated circuits up to 300V AC and 40A
  • Allows unattended monitoring for intermittent faults
  • No Splicing - Plugin with existing wiring
  • Identifies intermittently opens, shorts and arc faults
  • Able to detect faults that circuit breaker may not
  • Runs on in-line power in monitor mode
  • Fault location reported the distance from the Fault Trapper in feet/meters
  • Easy-to-use three-button operation
  • Backlit LCD display for dark areas
  • Back-up battery allows capture of breaker trips/unpowered display of results
  • 300V CAT III, 120/240V AC, 40A or less, single phase