REXTRON 1-4 USB/PS2 Dual VGA Video Slim KVM Switch. Black Colour.

Model: UCDV104D

REXTRON 1-4 USB/PS2 Dual VGA Video Slim KVM Switch. Black Colour.

The Slim NovaView KVM Switch, UCDV-104D/UCDV-108D, offers the most reliable and efficient way of managing multiple computers in server rooms where space is at a premium. On Screen Display (OSD) features computer naming, computer selection, status indication, auto scan and much more. Up to 64 servers can be easily managed by cascading multiple KVM switches to expand the capacity. Revolutionised video enhancement technology ensures superb quality of resolutions of up to 1920x1440. For secured connections and space saving, all Slim NovaView KVM Switches require just one HDB15 connector for each computer connection.



With Dual Video For UCDV-104D and UCDV-108D, the models are designed with Dual-Video. It's excellent for graphic designers, CAD/CAM designers to work efficiently.

  • Cascade configuration expands system capability
  • 1U-height form factor saves rack spaces
  • Unique cables for secure connection
  • The auto-scan function automatically selects computer sequentially
  • Assigns computers with individual names
  • Identifies and selects computers by chosen names
  • Programmable scan filters unused computers
  • Password security locks computer from unauthorised access
  • Complete control with easy-to-use OSD interface
  • Hotkey functions allow easy computer access
  • Keyboard states automatically saved and restored while switching computers
  • Operating system independent and transparent to all applications
  • Plug-n-play system configuration
  • DDC2B compatible
  • Supports SUN keyboard emulation